Hi, good people of Evil Apples!
This is a web version of the game where you would classically pass a sheet of paper around, with everybody adding a sentence to a story, but everybody only ever reads what the previous person wrote.

This web-app takes care of all the organization of it (or at least aims to, this was hastily cobbled together last year or so, and I never did anything exceeding basic functionality.

I'm working on it, though, and if you have any requests or questions in general, feel free to write me :)

Current rules:

  • The first player (game master) starts the game by writing the beginning of the story, setting an amount of turns the story should take, and inviting other players.
  • As soon as there are at least 4 players, the game begins.
  • The next player reads the beginning and continues the story.
  • The story gets passed around and every player adds something to it.
  • Everybody only ever sees what the previous person wrote. Everybody else can't see what you're doing.
  • Under "History", you can see what happened in the game and when.
    You can keep track of what you have written so far.
  • The story advances as the players in the queue play, but the game owner or the site admin (me) can skip a player, should the need arise.
  • The game finishes when the predetermined amount of turns has been played. Everybody gets to see the finished story then.

"Alt und neu"

Length: 15 rounds.

Players writing on this story:


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Hallo liebe Hohemärkler :)


Played: 4 of 15 rounds.


2018-10-14 15:53:53: Admin wrote something.
2018-10-14 16:51:38: Anadirol has joined the story.
2018-10-14 16:54:35: Anadirol wrote something.
2019-03-25 05:55:23: Cthulhu has joined the story.
2019-03-28 19:53:06: Cthulhu wrote something.
2019-03-28 20:13:57: Admin wrote something.

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I honestly have lost track of what I implemented so far. Here are some points I wrote down originally:

  • E-Mail notification when it's your turn and you're not logged in on the site (will be configurable, don't worry) ;) )
  • Sign up with Google (I think that's where I left off back then because it was misbehaving)
  • Closed games: can only be accessed by already registered and invited users
  • Giving the game master (or even all players) the option to advance the game/skip players
  • Ease of use/UX (cleaner design, more functionality at the press of a button, ...)
  • Ability to leave a running game
  • Some features to get rid of maybe unwanted ambiguity (specifically some German pronouns)

Furthermore, a mobile app for easier use is... at least somewhat in the works. In theory.
I mean, I have started looking into a native implementation for Android, and cross-platform frameworks, but it's probably going to be android only